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Rhebokskloof 2 Peaks

Experience Desciption

Embark on a guided journey through what many consider the best single-track loops in the Western Cape. This expedition leads you through the Rheboksloof blue route, around the purple, and returns on the blue. We begin by ascending to Flat Rock, followed by a thrilling ride on the Skydive gravity trails, often featured in our videos and a top pick for many riders.

We then proceed to the picturesque Owloon estate, setting the stage for the purple Ridgeback loop. This meandering trail around the cove boasts exceptional single tracks, fantastic features, and unparalleled vistas from the reserve’s peak.

Then, it’s a joyride dominated by gravity! Split into two parts, we first tackle Pinecone, leading us back to Flat Rock for a pause and photo ops. The grand finale awaits as we delve into Rheboks’ crowning jewel: the Superbowl gravity trail. This exhilarating 8-kilometer stretch ensures a finish that’s unforgettable.

About Rhebokskloof: 

Here’s the thing: Rhebokskloof is beyond reproach.

It boasts a spectacular location, cradled within a natural amphitheatre. The estate is a vibrant tapestry of vineyards, expansive green lawns, spaces that beckon families and friends, along with trails tailored for cycling and running, and exceptional culinary experiences.

Chef Belinda Ferus helms The Restaurant at Rhebokskloof, crafting dishes with meticulous care using local ingredients. Her creations consistently dazzle the palate. Not to be missed, The Pizzeria at Rhebokskloof is also Chef Belinda’s domain, serving up delectable, zesty pizzas every single time. Furthermore, picnics on the lawns have emerged as a beloved tradition. Ensure you reserve a spot at least a day in advance.

As for Rhebokskloof wines, they eloquently express their quality. However, if you’re yet to acquaint yourself with them, treat yourself to a tasting.

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Duration: 3.5 hour(s)
Distance: 25 km
Difficulty: Experienced / Intermediate

Intermediate and advanced tours also include coffee and some breakfast snacks as well as en-route snacks.

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Please bring sunscreen and wear comfortable clothing and shoes.


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