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Guided Rhebokskloof: Red, Purple, Red

Experience Desciption

The Experience: 

A guided, supported and catered for single track adventure packed with flow and technical features, this experience takes you up and round the beauteous Rhebokskloof. Cost includes guide, refreshments and day permit. Experience the trails with the benefit of a support team on standby and relish in terrific tastings!   

About Rhebokskloof: 

The thing is this: One can’t fault Rhebokskloof. 

Its setting is magnificent. The farm is nestled in a natural amphitheatre. And nestled within the farm are vineyards, lawns, spaces for family and friends, trails for both cycling and running and incredible dining experiences.

The Restaurant at Rhebokskloof serves meals crafted by Chef Belinda Ferus. She takes the utmost care to use local produce with results that are never short of marvelous. The Pizzeria at Rhebokskloof is too Chef Belinda’s playground, where fresh, flavoursome pizzas are the order of the day. Always. Picnics on the lawns have also become an institution. One needs to book for these at least 24 hours in advance.

Rhebokskoof wines speak for themselves, but in case you are not yet familiar with them, do yourself a favour and go for a tasting.

Important: Cost includes a guide, morning coffee and muffin, drinks, refreshments, support and a wine and gin tasting. Cost does not include bicycle or accessory rentals. 

Duration: 6 hours
Difficulty: Experienced / Intermediate
Distance: 50 km

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Coming Soon!

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