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Rhebokskloof Ultimate

Experience Desciption

The Experience: 

The Rhebokskloof Ultimate showcases the finest trails of the northern side, boasting one of the premier single track loops in the Western Cape. Enhanced by an additional red loop, riders are treated to unique features and a scenic viewpoint on the mountain’s northeastern side, as well as a journey through the Paarl Reserve to uncover its hidden treasures.

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled Rhebokskloof Trails and the newly launched Ridgeback Bowl. Our adventure begins with an ascent up the Rhebokskloof trails, leading us to the impressive Flatrock Granite slab. From this vantage, we embark on the Skydive Gravity trail, a dynamic 4km path infused with exhilarating turns and flows. Our route then meanders through the picturesque Owloon estate, before challenging us with the undulating Purple Ridgeback loop. This trail, winding around the cove, offers not only thrilling single tracks and features but also mesmerizing views from the reserve’s pinnacle.

Our journey continues into the Paarl Reserve, looping around the mountain’s summit. Here, iconic landmarks such as Bethal Dam, Krismas Camp, and Paarl Rock enhance the experience, leaving an indelible mark on every rider. After pausing for a rejuvenating lunch on the mountain, our expedition takes us to the mountain’s northwestern flank, stopping at the JDK Viewpoint. This vantage gifts us with panoramic views of Paarl and the Hawekwa mountains. The descent that follows is pure gravity-driven bliss, divided into two sections. The first is a 4km forest trail, aptly named Pinecone, leading back to the Flatrock Granite slab. The culmination of our journey is the enthralling Superbowl gravity trail, ensuring the final 8km is nothing short of unforgettable.

Join us for a day brimming with adventure, where single track challenges meet flow and technical prowess.

About Rhebokskloof: 

The thing is this: One can’t fault Rhebokskloof. 

Its setting is magnificent. The farm is nestled in a natural amphitheatre. And nestled within the farm are vineyards, lawns, spaces for family and friends, trails for both cycling and running and incredible dining experiences.

The Restaurant at Rhebokskloof serves meals crafted by Chef Belinda Ferus. She takes the utmost care to use local produce with results that are never short of marvelous. The Pizzeria at Rhebokskloof is too Chef Belinda’s playground, where fresh, flavoursome pizzas are the order of the day. Always. Picnics on the lawns have also become an institution. One needs to book for these at least 24 hours in advance.

Rhebokskoof wines speak for themselves, but in case you are not yet familiar with them, do yourself a favour and go for a tasting.

Important: Cost includes a guide, morning coffee and muffin, drinks, refreshments, support and a wine and gin tasting. Cost does not include bicycle or accessory rentals. 

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Duration: 5.5 hour(s)
Distance: 56 km
Difficulty: Experienced / Intermediate

Intermediate and advanced tours also include coffee and some breakfast snacks as well as en-route snacks.

Not Included
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Please bring sunscreen and wear comfortable clothing and shoes.


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