Get ready to embark on a journey through the heart of adventure with the Winelands North Annual Permit! As a member of the vibrant Winelands North community, you’re unlocking a treasure chest of exhilarating experiences and fun that stretches across an extraordinary collection of networks and trails.

By joining the Winelands Multi-Trail Access Membership, you’re not just getting a pass – you’re gaining a backstage pass to an alliance of trail park maestros who’ve joined forces to offer you an all-access ticket to their scenic realms. Imagine having the key to not one, but a myriad of the most exciting and diverse trails that the Western Cape has to offer!

Your annual pass is your golden ticket to infinite adventures across:

  • The enchanting Banhoek Conservancy Trail
  • The thrilling Paarl Adventure Trail Network
  • The picturesque Franschhoek Wine Valley
  • The untamed Wild Boar Trails in Wellington

As a Winelands North member, you’ll weave through over 450km of pathways, where every turn brings a new burst of excitement and every vista is a celebration of nature’s best. This is where fun comes to play, where variety is the spice of life, and where every visit adds a new story to your adventure story.

Welcome to a year of boundless enjoyment and community spirit in the Winelands North network – where every trail is a new chapter in your book of unforgettable experiences!