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Spice Route Destination

As Spice Route Destination’s website so beautifully states, one can get lost at Spice Route and find oneself. Spice Route (as it is known by locals) is as enchanting as the name suggests. It caters for everyone – young, old, adventurers, wine-sippers, beer drinkers, good food eaters, art enthusiasts and chocolate lovers. Whether you’d like to hit the trails and cool down with some CBC beer after, or languish the afternoon away whilst enjoying a glass of wine or an ice-cream with the kids, Spice Route has got you covered. So, go get lost there; You won’t be sorry.

Contact Details

Phone Number: +27 21 863 5200
E-mail Address: [email protected]

Need to Know

To clean up after your ride, you can make use of the showers which are located right at the information centre.


Day Permit
Wine Lands North Permit
Wine Lands Regional Permit

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These routes start at this trailhead.

Paarl Explorer 60km (From SR)

Distance: 63km | Elevation: 1800 meters
Grading: Blue / Moderate

Paarl Explorer 40km (From SR)

Distance: 38km | Elevation: 1160 meters
Grading: Blue / Moderate

Spice Route 10km Hike/Run

Distance: 9km | Elevation: 410 meters
Grading: Blue / Moderate

Spice Route Pink

Distance: 5km | Elevation: 130 meters
Grading: Blue / Moderate

Spice Route Yellow

Distance: 2km | Elevation: 40 meters
Grading: Green / Easy

Spice Route Green

Distance: 10km | Elevation: 140 meters
Grading: Green / Easy

Specialized, Laborie and Spice Route

Distance: 36km | Elevation: 1205 meters
Grading: Black / Difficult

Double Header

Distance: 62km | Elevation: 1680 meters
Grading: Black / Difficult

Specialized, Wall and Diamant

Distance: 20km | Elevation: 710 meters
Grading: Blue / Moderate


Distance: 74km | Elevation: 2040 meters
Grading: Black / Difficult

Paarl Power Snap

Distance: 30km | Elevation: 840 meters
Grading: Blue / Moderate

Granite Grinder

Distance: 38km | Elevation: 1010 meters
Grading: Blue / Moderate

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