Spice Route Destination

As Spice Route Destination’s website so beautifully states, one can get lost at Spice Route and find oneself.

Spice Route (as it is known by locals) is as enchanting as the name suggests. It caters for everyone - young, old, adventurers, wine-sippers, beer drinkers, good food eaters, art enthusiasts and chocolate lovers.

Whether you’d like to hit the trails and cool down with some CBC beer after, or languish the afternoon away whilst enjoying a glass of wine or an ice-cream with the kids, Spice Route has got you covered.

So, go get lost there; You won’t be sorry.

Contact Details

Contact Number: +27 21 863 5200

Contact E-mail: info@spiceroute.co.za


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Note the abbreviation used in route names: SR = Spice Route, B44 = Bistro 44, SP = Specialized Paarl, FV= Fairview, LWE = Laborie Wine Estate.

Specialized, Laborie and Spice Route
36km | Elevation: 1100 meters
Grading: Black / Difficult

Spice Route – Blue Route
21km | Elevation: 230 meters
Grading: Green / Easy

Spice Route Red
16km | Elevation: 600 meters
Grading: Blue / Moderate


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