It takes a village

It takes a village to raise a child and the village Hero Legacy has chosen, is Paarl.

A Vision for Paarl

Four years ago we had a vision of interconnectedness. Of family. Of community, and of an adventure paradise. We are proud to say that this vision is well on its way to being fulfilled.

Our mission is to showcase Paarl for what it really is: a hub of world-class outdoor and adventure activities, creativity, artisans, scenery, destinations and promise, all with Paarl Mountain being at the heart of it all. We want to connect the fantastic people and places of Paarl and in so doing, uplift, empower and support the community.

Paarl Trails now manages over 150 km of custom-built trails and more than 50 destinations and attractions which can be explored along them. These trails didn’t just build themselves though. Skills development is firmly rooted in the project and we currently have 20 trail builders who are taught to build and maintain our vast network. Furthermore, the program is specifically designed to equip people with new skills which open up doors for them elsewhere. In turn, new recruits can then be taken in, upskilled find permanent work with their new skills set.

And what about the child in the village? Hero Legacy works closely with a number of crèches, schools, coaching organisations and social groups in an effort to expose children who otherwise would not have had the opportunity, to cycling. We host weekly foundation classes where children (ranging from ages 2 – 14) are taught to ride a bicycle, learn about cycling safety, acquire life skills and appreciate and care for the environment. 

In the end, our vision was one of interconnectedness. We have connected trails, people, destinations and hearts and we are committed to keep doing so.

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Email: [email protected] or phone: +27 21 036 2800.